• Holy Rewatch, Batman! - Keith R.A. DeCandido looks back at the Batman TV series developed by William Dozier for ABC, which ran from 1966 to 1968, and the Batman feature film that was released in the summer of 1966!
  • THE X-FILES - The (former) official site. The truth is out there. Please make a big habit of checking out this site...I do.*
  • The Get Smart! Page! - Carl Birkmeyer's detailed look at the 1965-70 NBC/CBS spy spoof! (Personally, I prefer the episodes from Season 5 [1969-1970] on CBS.)
  • The Museum Of Television & Radio - The official site to the New York City- and Los Angeles-based institution for 90,000 television and radio series. (Okay, so it's not a TV show, but it still merits its inclusion here...for obvious reasons. I think that there should be an MTV&R in every major portion of the U.S. of A. - including mine, New Orleans!)
  • C'Mon Get Happy! The Unofficial Homepage Of The Partridge Family! - Michael Colavolpe and Jennifer Futch's detailed account of the other famous TV rockband.
  • The Bewitched And Elizabeth Montgomery Site - The official site to the 1964-72 ABC supernatural sitcom...oh, and the star, too!
  • Vic's Bewitched Page! - This covers mainly the TV commercial sponsor aspect of Bewitched!
  • The Unofficial Addams Family TV Page - Jon Adams Davis's detailed account of the 1964-66 ABC-TV sitcom adaptation of Charles Addams' creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and altogether ooky family - and its 1973 and 1992 animated counterparts!
  • The Hawaii Five-0 Home Page! - Catch a wave with Mike Quigley in his gnarly cybertribute to the 1968-80 CBS cop drama! (Oh, and let me give some mention to one amazing fact: the theme from H50 has lyrics!)
  • The Bionic Woman Files! - A tribute to Universal Television's 1975-78 ABC scifi action series, created by James Sherrard for Blue Sky Public Relations!
  • Brady World! - The Brady Bunch, Episode Guide, Collectibles, Guestbook, Chat, Digest, Mailing-list, Trivia! Need I say more?
  • Tranquility Forest -- The Bugaloos!! - Tranquility Forest -- Home of the Bugaloos!! A Krofft 1970s kids TV show about four kids and a firefly. Includes an Episode Guide, songs (WAVs), lyrics, and lots of pics!!! Kudos to Bill Ung for a whacko site!
  • The Edge of Night Homepage! - Mark Faulkner's web shrine devoted to daytime's only mystery/suspense serial, which aired on CBS and ABC between April 2, 1956 and December 28, 1984!
  •! - Where the world dreams of Jeannie!
  • The Fans From U.N.C.L.E! - A glorification of fandom and series information on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., the 1964-68 NBC spy drama!
  • This Is The $25,000 Pyramid! - Kris Lane has a site that's everything Pyramid - Dick Clark's sensational gameshow that was seen 1973-86 on CBS and ABC (and syndicated) in 5 different formats (from $10,000 to $100,000!)!*
  • The Wild Wild West Home Page - Gary Lambert's detailed account of the 1965-70 CBS series which was a successful integration of spy thrillers, westerns, and scifi fantasy series!
  • The Classic Hollywood Squares Site: A Tribute To The Original 1966-81 - Dixon Hayes's tribute to the original Heatter-Quigley tic-tac-toe game of the stars with Peter Marshall, seen on NBC Daytime for 14 years (October 17 1966 to June 20, 1980) and 3,536 episodes! 
  • The Unofficial Tic Tac Dough Supersite - A nicely detailed tribute to the 1978-86/1990-91 Barry-Enright game of Strategy, Knowledge and Fun! *
  • Jeopardy!: The Art Fleming Years - Corey Shannon's tribute to the original Art Fleming-emceed version of Merv Griffin's Jeopardy!, which ran for 2,753 episodes on NBC between March 30, 1964 and January 3, 1975! *
  • Television Obscurities - Your site dedicated to keeping obscure, rare and forgotten television from fading away forever. Unaired pilots, short-lived shows, episode promos, fall previews, we've got it all. Streaming audio and video compliment researched features thanks to RealMedia.
  • The Another World Home Page - Created and compiled by Eddie Drueding, it is an exhaustive but impressive full account on the 1964-99 NBC Daytime drama.
  • The Facts Of Life Web Site! - All you need to know about the 1979-88 NBC sitcom!!!!*
  • Bob Walker's Original New Orleans Radio (+TV) Shrine Directory - Television and radio personalities from my own hometown, New Orleans!!! *

*Cached copies of original (now-defunct) pages, courtesy of Internet Archives.




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