• The Arrival Of Wonder Woman To TV Land! - Lynda Carter's portrayal was definitively stunning. Not even Charles Moulton would have imagined such a wonderful interpretation. And this is how the history of the Amazon Princess came to TV life! (Now @ a new URL!)
  • The COMBAT! Home Page - From Jo Davidsmeyer comes this: a web-tribute to the 1962-67 ABC-TV series Combat!. This World War Two drama starred Vic Morrow and Rick Jason.
  • STARTREK.COM: Star Trek - The Original Series - The official site to the phenomenal 1966-69 NBC primetime sci-fi legend created by Gene Roddenbrerry (1921-91).
  • TVParty! - Classic TV on the internet, concocted by Billy Ingram, which involves History of television, TV History, television history, fifties TV, 60s TV, 70s TV, television in the sixties, historical television, TV news, tv entertainment, past television shows, TV Shows of the 60s, TV in the sixties, TV in the seventies, TV seventies, eighties TV shows, classic sitcoms, and more!
  • The Joker's Wild Homepage - Steve Beverly's detailed account on The Game Where Knowledge Is King And Lady Luck Is Queen!*
  • Dark Shadows - Brian's web site for the 1966-71 ABC Daytime soap Dark Shadows! *
  • CHiPs Online - The 1977-83 NBC police series is done justice with this magnificent web-tribute, created by Patrick Delahanty and Tim Lewis!
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - If there isn't an account on the 1987-94 syndie sequel to the phenomenal scifi series that's more detailed than Andrew Tong's cybermasterpiece, I just don't know what is!
  • The Official Let's Make A Deal Website - The Official Website to the popular Monty-Hall-Stefan Hatos game show which was first seen from 1963-77 on NBC, ABC and syndication!
  • The Avengers Forever! - Everything you always wanted to know about The Avengers, that classic cult TV show from Britain. It's a virtual encyclopedia, created by David K. Smith--nearly a thousand pages, hundreds of images, links galore, merchandise and much, much more.
  • Card Sharks - Another web tribute to the G-T game show, hosted by Jim Perry, Bob Eubanks and Bill Rafferty. *
  • Cliffhanger's Game Shows - This game show tribute now features a newly redesigned front page which resembles the front board of Press Your Luck! *
  • The 80s TV Theme Supersite - All your favorite themes PLUS rare game show, news, commercial, and promo music. Let's all be there! Created by Brian J. Karmizad! *
  • The Brady Bunch Hour - ABC's 1977 revival of The Brady Bunch as a weekly 60-minute primetime variety series! *
  • The Knight Rider Archives - All about the 1982-86 NBC action series and its sequels!
  • PB's Three's Company Page: Jack's Bistro - A vivid site about the Hit 1977-84 ABC-TV Show that starred John Ritter, has up to date news and much much more!
  • Sitcoms Online - The ultimate site for the sitcom fan! Included in this site is the latest news in the world of sitcoms, hundreds of links from A-Z, message boards, merchandise links for sitcom videos/books/cds, and downloadable theme songs for hundreds of sitcoms from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and present!
  • Barnaby Jones - Crime Drama TV Series of the Seventies - Chronicles the 1973-80 CBS Series produced by Quinn Martin.
  • The Unofficial ISIS Appreciation Page - Oh, Mighty Isis! This web site is dedicated to Filmation's 1975-77 CBS Saturday Morning live-action TV show Isis. Since going online last year, this site continues to grow and is the largest site on The Internet devoted to this show. Hopefully, this website will bring back some good memories for you!

    *Cached copies of original (now-defunct) pages, courtesy of Internet Archives.


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